Lewis & Clark is near downtown Portland (~5 miles), but a little secluded. Your best bet is to rent a car so you can be extremely flexible.

We are working/hoping to secure shuttles to help with the ease of exploring Portland. It’s a great town! Here are some other options and information about how to best get around town:

Parking at the venue

Parking on campus won’t be a problem. They do not require parking passes or payment during the summer.

Rent a car

If possible, we recommend you rent a car for the trip. There are a fair amount of car rental services at the airport.


Uber and Lyft are available in Portland.


ZipCar is available in the Portland area and has a hub on the Lewis and Clark campus. Visit the ZipCar website for more information.

Car sharing

Carshare is a car sharing service. $6 per 20 min. You can park anywhere inside their zone for free.

Metro bus

Portland has a bus system that will take you downtown and has a stop near campus (Bus 39).

However, Bus 39 won’t run on Saturday or Sunday.

Light rail (TriMet)

Portland has a light rail service that runs all over the city and out to the airport.

It does not go to the Lewis & Clark campus but it will help you get around once you’re downtown and take you from downtown to the airport.

Park and ride the light rail downtown

You can park your car at SE Tacoma/Johnson Creek Park & Ride (Sellwood) and ride the light rail downtown.


Streetcar goes Downtown and to the Central Eastside, TriMet passes work, or it’s $2.

Rent a bike or scooter

Biketown allows you to rent a bike on a per minute basis. $0.08 per min. $5 one-time-sign-up fee, unlimited trips.

Use Lime to rent a scooter.

Downtown Portland

Street parking

  • Available everywhere, varies by length of stay permitted
  • Possible, but can be a bit difficult downtown and on the east side close to the river
  • Pay using Parking Kitty
    • Everywhere not on this map is free
  • Downtown is usually $2 per hour, free after 7pm
  • Central Eastside is usually $1.20 per hour, free after 6pm

Parking garages

Parking garages are all over, but here are a few large ones in central locations:


US Bancorp Tower Garage (CCP Lot #65)
121 SW 4th Ave
781 parking spaces
$10 for 2 hours ($20 max)

Pearl District

Pearl Garage (CCP Lot #177)
1111 NW Davis St
200 parking spaces
$9 for 2 hours ($15 max)

Central Eastside (south)

Can also walk, MAX/bus, bike, or scooter downtown from here.

PCC Climb Center
1626 SE Water Avenue
$5 Mon-Fri, free weekends

Central Eastside (central, north)

Can also walk, bus, bike, or scooter downtown from here.

  • Street parking is your best bet.
  • The residential area starts at around 12th Street (going east), and it can be easier to park in that direction than closer to the river.


The Portland International Airport is about 15 miles from Lewis & Clark. Be sure to check if your hotel offers a free shuttle ride to and from the airport.

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