Lewis & Clark is near downtown Portland (~5 miles), but a little secluded. Your best bet is to rent a car so you can be extremely flexible.

We are working/hoping to secure shuttles to help with the ease of exploring Portland. It’s a great town! Here are some other options and information about how to best get around town:

Parking at the venue

Parking on campus won’t be a problem. They do not require parking passes or payment during the summer.

Rent a car

If possible, we recommend you rent a car for the trip. There are a fair amount of car rental services at the airport.


Uber and Lyft are available in Portland.


ZipCar is available in the Portland area and has a hub on the Lewis and Clark campus. Visit the ZipCar website for more information.

Metro bus

Portland has a bus system that will take you downtown and has a stop near campus (Bus 39).

However, Bus 39 won’t run on Saturday or Sunday.

Light rail

Portland has a light rail service that runs all over the city and out to the airport.

It does not go to the Lewis & Clark campus but it will help you get around once you’re downtown and take you from downtown to the airport.


The Portland International Airport is about 15 miles from Lewis & Clark. Be sure to check if your hotel offers a free shuttle ride to and from the airport.